Since 2007, One Source Press has been publishing books for those who are pursuing self-realization through self-inquiry. Even though self-realization can be achieved only by direct, personal experience, these books provide the necessary pointers to turn the attention of readers toward their desired objective.

From time immemorial, stories have demystified abstract spiritual concepts while inspiring and guiding seekers of all ages and levels of understanding. This collection of literary works puts into story the fundamentals of self-realization and the discovery of Who am I?.

Self-inquiry, or Atma Vichara, leads to the end of suffering and the realization of the inherent peace and happiness that is shared by everyone. A shift in focus is all that is required. Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of India's most acclaimed sages of all time, recommended self-inquiry exclusively as the most effective and direct means of becoming self-realized.

The roots of self-inquiry can be traced back to the ancient Hindu teachings of Advaita Vedanta though its application can be found in the ideologies of many spiritual traditions. Through the millenniums, sages, saints and mystics alike have used self-inquiry to experience and abide in their eternal being.