Forever Freed from Birth

Atman A Collection of Parables by Edó Bon
180 pages, 42 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-615-68156-6

Through the ages, Self-realization as expounded in Eastern philosophies has intrigued yet mystified those seeking an understanding of their own existence, truth and purpose in life. Parables have commonly been used to transmit this esoteric wisdom because they transcend the limitations of language by calling upon the intuition to clarify its subtle import. For this reason, they are comprehensible to all ages and levels of understanding.

The parables of this collection put into story the fundamentals of Self-realization and serve as pointers toward actualizing this goal. They are based on the instruction set forth in Atma Vichara, or Self-enquiry, which derives from ancient Hindu Advaita Vedanta teachings.

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