Forever Freed from Birth

India Calling A Decade of Perceptions by Sando Shaw
187 pages, 48 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-615-41985-5

To journey halfway around the world in search of oneself may sound like a paradox, yet for me, the detour proved necessary. From an early age, I was drawn to India, but my longing went unsatisfied until many years later when I felt compelled to understand the teaching of one of its sages. After I returned home from my first trip to that mystical land, something called me back and continued to do so, year after year. I explored the country and studied its ways, sensing that my very being was somehow intertwined in its culture. What I came to discover was that the destination I was pursuing along with the signposts that marked its way were leading me to something within myself that was ironically both mystifying and self-evident.

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